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Renting out your home is not something you just do

As a landlord, it is your wish to get a return on your investment, but also to ensure that your home is handled with care. Any problems must be resolved quickly and effectively. In practice it will soon become clear that there is more to it than expected. A reliable and professional rental partner not only offers peace of mind, but is also a guarantee for successful rentals. That is why ContactPunt Suriname offers you the certainty of the professional management of your home. While renting out your house or apartment, we take care of the legal (contracts), administrative (periodic overview), commercial (acquisition) and technical (incidental and regular maintenance) matters that are involved in renting out your home. Your home is offered in optimal condition, tenants are screened and guided from the first moment until the end of the rental agreement. For you, this means that you have the certainty of professionally renting and managing your home. An optimal return with the least effort!

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Why ContactPunt is your ideal partner:

A pleasant and carefree feeling!

Our services are tailored to your personal wishes and preferences, with professionalism and quality central. A service package will be put together in consultation, so that ContactPunt Suriname can maintain your property exactly as you wish!

Modern House with a Pool



  • Rental/subletting of your home.

  • Commercially offering your property.

  • Organizing and supervising viewings with potential tenants.



  • Preventive maintenance.

  • Repair of damage caused by unforeseen circumstances.

  • Facility maintenance (garden, air conditioning, hydrophore, cleaning).

  • All technical work is carried out by specialists affiliated with ContactPunt Suriname.



  • Correspondence with the (prospective) tenants of your home.

  • Periodic reporting (possibly with photos) about the condition of your home.

  • Management of postal and utility payments.

  • Key management.

  • Drawing up the contracts.

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