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Experience effortless renting!

Our extensive range of rental properties, ranging from good to very luxurious, has been specially put together for you. We assess each home according to strict criteria for safety, facilities, maintenance and location, so that you can enjoy a comfortable and safe living environment. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Why ContactPunt is your ideal partner:

Living comfort

You are looking for an accommodation that meets your wishes and conditions as much as possible. We offer you a selection of homes and apartments that are carefully maintained and equipped with all necessary comfort.

Type of accommodations

We offer both furnished and unfurnished accommodations, ranging from apartments to detached houses and villas. Our goal is to make the perfect match between the wishes of our clients and the available offer. Based on an intake interview, in which the client indicates his conditions and preferences, we select an accommodation that can meet expectations.


Our offer consists of a selection of accommodations where safety is a priority. Our homes and apartments have anti-burglary facilities and a well-functioning alarm system.


Please contact us for current objects. We make an inventory of your wishes and conditions based on an intake interview.

Personal service

Our unique 24-hour service aims to support our tenants as much and as quickly as possible in the event of emergencies or unexpected problems. In practice, this proves to be an essential service that is highly appreciated by our clients. Whether it concerns a leak, power outage or other urgent situation, tenants know they can rely on us count on a quick response.


We provide contract guidance to provide clarity and transparency to tenants in advance. Our contracts comply with applicable laws and regulations, and with all rental and rental requirements. Our contracts are drawn up from 2 months and longer.

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