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Piquero and Dorothy, a couple born in Paramaribo but raised in Amsterdam, have made their home in Suriname since 2016. Their life path originally led them to the Netherlands, where they spent their youth and cherished their own experiences and memories. But in 2016, together with their two children, they decided to take the plunge and return to their native country to start a new chapter in their lives.
For those who wonder where their qualities lie in the field of management and rental, this can be summarized in just 3 words:
expert, customer-friendly, and accurate.

Piquero en Dorothy



Thanks to their years of experience in the field and the broad network they have built up Piquero and Dorothy are true experts. In 2012 they started ContactPunt Suriname for 2 important reasons:

  • Great facilities and quality accommodations for guests.

  • Confident and professional behavior for homeowners.


Customer service is more than just a word at Contactpunt Suriname - it is a fundamental principle that guides Dorothy and Piquero in all their interactions and activities. Their goal is to meet the expectations of their clients as much as possible. They value the trust their clients place in them and strive to earn and maintain that trust.


Whether it concerns technical or financial reporting to homeowners or assisting tenants with acute problems, they guarantee an accurate approach. All work is carried out carefully and professionally, and every problem, small or large, is taken seriously and addressed with care.

It can rightly be said that they have translated their years of experience into action, which now comes in handy in this company that is run with passion and dedication. Piquero and Dorothy are true professionals who are committed to exceeding their clients' expectations and maintaining the highest standards in the world of management and rental in Suriname.

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